Wi-Fi Management

What is Wi-Fi Management?

Wi-Fi is no longer an optional “EXTRA” for most homes. It has become a critical component of connectivity. Just like others, you love having a Wi-Fi network, but not the hassles of internet reliability, equipment upgrades and troubleshooting. That’s why we offer Managed Wi-Fi. Our staff handles it all for you, so you can simply enjoy strong signals and fast Internet throughout your home.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Management:

• FREE Internet Programming ($99 Value)
• No need to buy or replace a router, as your Wi-Fi signal will come from your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) already placed within your home.
• FREE Wi-Fi Assessment of your home – technician goes to your home to assess current Wi-Fi environment, Internet needs, obstacles, etc. and gives recommendations to the customer.
• Jefferson Telecom will hook up all wireless devices at point of installation or Wi-Fi assessment.
• Secure and Cost-Effective Solution – we manage equipment firmware updates for the latest enhancements.
• Local technical support available 24/7, if needed at 515-386-4141, #2.
• Internet customer troubles that are not resolved by phone; NO trip charge for a technician to go to the home during normal business hours Monday-Friday for Wi-Fi related issues.*

* Charges may apply if the customer Internet problems are not related to Wi-Fi service.

Let Jefferson Telecom manage your Wi-Fi network for just $4.95 per month.

Have more questions about Wi-Fi Management? We are here to help.  Call Jefferson Telecom at 515-386-4141 today!