Why can’t I pay my bill after the disconnect date? It’s just a couple of days late.

We have worked very hard to be consistent with our billing practices and can no longer accommodate extensions for disconnects. We have a variety of payment options available to our customers from automatic withdrawal, credit card payment, or cash/check.

Can I charge my purchase of a cell phone, charger, case, etc. to my Jefferson Telecom bill?

All cellular purchases must be paid for at the time of purchase.

Why can’t I rent a router?

Currently Jefferson Telecom only has routers for purchase.

Why do you charge to make the service you installed work better (in regards to hard wiring equipment)?

There are a variety of variables that are outside of Jefferson Telecom’s control such as how your house was built, the technology that you are using at home, etc.  Due to the amount of time that is needed for a technician to successfully hard wire customer equipment at a home, an hourly charge is required.


Do you give 24 hour service?

Jefferson Telecom is not open 24 hours a day, yet we do have staff on call 24 hours/365 days a year for emergency situations. Business customers have a 24-hour response guarantee which assures our business customers that if they have a service disruption with their phone or Internet, our technicians will respond within 24 hours of the reported trouble.  Residential customers’ needs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and prioritized to solve issues in a timely manner. Applicable fees will be charged for service calls and truck rolls after normal business hours.

Service –  Cable

Why is the basic cable signal analog?

Currently the equipment that Jefferson Telecom has in place requires the basic cable signal to be analog. Plus, if we were to switch all tiers of cable TV to a digital platform there would be added costs as all TV’s in the home would require a separate set-top box in order to access the channels.

Does Jefferson Telecom have the same ‘fighting power’ that a larger satellite carrier has against increased cable TV fees?

Jefferson Telecom is a member of the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), which represents independent television providers to obtain more competitive pricing on programming content. Every year, contracts with different cable programmers (such as: Fox, NBC Networks and Turner Networks) expire and need to be renegotiated. Negotiations typically begin with programmers proposing exorbitant per subscriber fees. If these fees are not agreed to and paid, programmers withdraw their programming signals. You may have heard of other providers choosing to drop certain networks altogether rather than meet programmers’ demands. Jefferson Telecom, along with NCTC, fight for reasonable fees because we believe the content is invaluable to you, our customer. Our goal is to manage your monthly bill by fighting against excessive TV network fee increases from large, powerful media conglomerates. Please visit www.tvonmyside.com to learn how we are working to keep programming costs in check.

Why do I have to pay for channels I never watch?

Due to contract requirements with the TV Networks, we are not allowed to offer channels individually. We are forced to carry ALL networks from a given network owner. Most agreements require Jefferson Telecom to pay large programming rate hikes or forgo carriage of all networks with no option in between. If there is a family of TV networks such as ESPN, in order to carry ESPN a provider is required to carry all channels that the TV network offers. Network owners have also forced Jefferson Telecom to carry channels on specific tiers as part of the agreement, which drives costs higher. Jefferson Telecom is required to pay a fee for every household who receives that channel, regardless of whether anyone in that home even watches the channel.


Service – Internet

It seems like my internet service is slower with fiber than before it was installed. What can be done?

Over time all customers have increased the number of devices that are connected to the internet, thus slowing down your service. Also, routers that were purchased years ago can no longer keep up with the demands of multiple devices, streaming, and other online activities. Jefferson Telecom would be happy to help you trouble shoot where the problem lies to have you enjoying your internet service.

My router doesn’t cover my entire house. It’s installed in the basement in one corner. Can I have it moved?

The ONT which was installed during the fiber build-out cannot be moved. If you have a separate router, the device can be moved to a more convenient location that is centrally located in your home.

If you have additional questions or need further clarification please contact Jefferson Telecom at 515-386-4141.