What’s on TV

We apologize as many of you have come to depend on the TV Guide listing to know what is showing on your Jefferson Telecom cable TV.  Our previous option is no longer available, yet we have found a solution to find the latest show times and channels for our Jefferson Telecom customers.

The first time you go to the site you will see a box on the right side that states, “Enter Zip Code”.  Please enter 50129 and scroll down to find Jefferson Telephone Company.  Click on “Jefferson Telephone Company Jefferson Standard Customer (Digital).”  After you have completed these initial steps once, your computer should save this information so it does not have to be entered each time you log on.  Feel free to bookmark this page for easy access to the TV Guide lineup.

Click Here to View the TV Listing

If you should have any problems please contact Jefferson Telecom at 515-386-4141.