Enhanced Entertainment – Jefferson Telecom TV

Your Jefferson Telecom TV service will be upgraded to bring you MORE FEATURES:

  • Crystal clear picture and sound
  • High Definition (HD) channels with all packages
  • Whole Home Cloud DVR
  • Restart TV – restart programs in progress



Why is Jefferson Telecom upgrading the TV service?

Jefferson Telecom’s fiber optic network allows for enhancements for your TV service.  We have invested in the technology to upgrade our TV offering by transitioning all Jefferson Telecom cable TV customers to this new platform. This upgrade will bring you innovative new features, additional functionality, and a user experience enhanced by:

  • Crystal clear picture and sound – Jefferson Telecom uses fiber optic technology to deliver crystal clear picture and sound quality, making your viewing experience everything it was meant to be.
  • High Definition (HD) channels with ALL packages
  • Whole Home Cloud DVR – Whole Home Cloud DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows you to watch recorded shows on any connected TV in your home. All of your recordings are saved in the cloud rather than on your local DVR set top box, allowing options for added storage space and reliability. Once upgraded, all Jefferson Telecom TV customers will have Whole Home Cloud DVR as each box will have this feature available. Jefferson Telecom is here to help get you started by offering 2 FREE “leased” boxes and each account will have 1 stream, 50 GB Cloud DVR (15 Hrs. HD) for FREE.
  • Caller ID on your TV* – You’re watching your favorite show when the phone rings in another room. Should you get up to answer it or stay on the couch? With Caller ID, you ‘ll now see the caller’s name (if available) and phone number on your TV screen and can decide whether to take the call or screen it.
  • Restart TV – This feature gives you the ability to restart a program that’s already in progress. If you’re browsing channels and see a show you wanted to watch that’s already begun, simply Restart it and watch from the beginning.
  • Instant Weather – Now you’ll have weather information at your fingertips including the current weather conditions, 5-day forecast, and radar with animation.
  • What’s Hot app – Nothing on TV tonight? Need some ideas of what others are watching? The What’s Hot app from your remote gives you the most popular programs being watched in your viewing area at the time plus the most popular recorded programs and series.
  • MyTVs app – Download the MyTVs app to your Apple or Android device to turn your device into a remote control. You can manage recordings, view and search the TV Guide remotely, and perform remote control functions.

View the complete guide of TV Features and Video Tutorials now.  Print off a Remote Guide & FAQ.

*Caller ID is billed at $5.50/month.  All other features are included at NO added charge.

Will the channel lineup by changed with the upgrade in service?

The most exciting change is that ALL packages will have high-definition (HD) channels included.  This is the perfect time to really evaluate which channels your household watches to make sure that you are in the right package for your needs.  Maybe you have heard about streaming and only need the local channels and don’t want to miss the original content to Greene County residents – we have a package just for you!  On the other hand, you love to watch TV and like the variety of having 200+ channels to pick from.  View the channel lineup for additional details.

Channel Lineup & Package Options

So how much will this cost?

Click on the Channel Lineup & Package Options link above for a current brochure with pricing.  All packages will have added channels, HD options, and many more innovative features.  The main change with our new TV platform will be that all TV’s require one box per TV to gain access to programming.  All Jefferson Telecom cable TV customers will be given two “leased” boxes FREE, and additional boxes will be $9.95 per box/month.  Please discuss in your household how many boxes you will want for TV service so you will be prepared to inform your technician once installation is scheduled.

We realize that change is hard, but our staff at Jefferson Telecom are ready to help make this transition as easy as possible.  Please call our office at 515-386-4141, option #4 to speak to one of our staff to answer any questions regarding your TV service or fill out our online application to get started enjoying service today!