Wi-Fi Management

What is Wi-Fi Management?

Wi-Fi is no longer an optional “EXTRA” for most homes. It has become a critical component of connectivity. Just like others, you love having a Wi-Fi network, but not the hassles of internet reliability, equipment upgrades and troubleshooting. That’s why we offer Managed Wi-Fi. Our staff handles it all for you, so you can simply enjoy strong signals and fast Internet throughout your home.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Management:

• FREE Internet Programming ($99 Value)
• No need to buy or replace a router, as your Wi-Fi signal will come from your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) already placed within your home.
• FREE Wi-Fi Assessment of your home – technician goes to your home to assess current Wi-Fi environment, Internet needs, obstacles, etc. and gives recommendations to the customer.
• Jefferson Telecom will hook up all wireless devices at point of installation or Wi-Fi assessment.
• Secure and Cost-Effective Solution – we manage equipment firmware updates for the latest enhancements.
• Local technical support available 24/7, if needed at 515-386-4141, #2.
• Internet customer troubles that are not resolved by phone; NO trip charge for a technician to go to the home during normal business hours Monday-Friday for Wi-Fi related issues.*

* Charges may apply if the customer Internet problems are not related to Wi-Fi service.  Additional equipment and charges will be assessed and discussed if needed to optimize the Wi-Fi experience.

Let Jefferson Telecom manage your Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Signal Still Not Strong Enough?

Asking a single router to cover your entire home is like asking a speaker in your living room to provide clear sound in every room – it just won’t work.  Instead, you need multiple access points placed throughout your home so you can enjoy your devices all over, from the basement craft room to the backyard patio to the man cave in the garage.

Jefferson Telecom has a solution – eero

Ask us today if a eero mesh system would be the right fit for your home.

Have more questions about improving your Wi-Fi? We are here to help.  Call Jefferson Telecom at 515-386-4141 today!