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“We have an older house like many residents of Jefferson, and we were constantly having issues with the Internet being slow or not working. When we switched to the eero, we instantly noticed a difference. We haven’t had any problem since Dave installed it. He told us in older homes with plaster walls, old cast iron pipes, etc., regular Wi-Fi signals get disrupted. We LOVE our eero!”
— Amy and Tony C.

“I am the owner of Medicap Pharmacy in Jefferson, Iowa. A few weeks ago I came into the pharmacy to open the store only to discover that I had no internet access. I called Jefferson Telecom and they were at my business within 30 minutes. We soon discovered that the issue was with my network and not with Jefferson Telecom…. Where I come from that would have been the end of our interaction, the ISP tech would have left and basically said not our problem. NOT the care in Jefferson and NOT with Jefferson Telecom. Ryan and Dave stayed with me for almost 4 hours and tried to help me trouble shoot the problem while we waited for your network tech to come and replace our switch. Ryan even gave me a call later that day to check and make sure everything was running smoothly. These guys went ABOVE and BEYOND.”
—Taylor A.

“Since installing the eero system, I haven’t had any interruptions in service. The Wi-Fi now goes to parts of our house that never received Internet before.”
— Shirley S.

“We are very fortunate to have a company like Jefferson Telecom in town, where they service the issue within 1-2 hours of my service call. I have had experience with many larger corporations and that kind of service doesn’t happen.”
Thomas & Laine C.

“I have been an eero customer about two months now, and I love it! I have Internet 24/7 unlike before when we were always having connection issues. I couldn’t even use my Roku before since the Internet was so weak in the house. My son had nothing but issues with streaming games and downloads took days. But now we are so happy with eero I can’t say it enough. I LOVE it. I can watch TV on my Roku and my son has not complained once on his games. Thank you, Jefferson Telecom, you are the best.”
— Phyllis S.

“I recently changed from an Android phone to an iPhone. Jolene was excellent to work with and persevered with getting all my data to transfer from the old phone to my new phone. Thanks for all the help. She was knowledgeable and friendly.”
Kristi H.

“I recommend Jefferson Telecom because, there are techs and front desk people who will work with you, and make you feel comfortable about what kind of service you are getting. They will also gladly explain the equipment and services you will receive with a smile and answer all questions you might have.”
Evan P.

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