Voice Mail and Instructions

Never miss another phone call when you are away from the phone, on the Internet, on another call, or just too busy to get to the phone! Voice Mail is simple, convenient and most of all reliable. Voice Mail is a service on your phone line so no special equipment is needed. Retrieve messages from any touch-tone phone at home or from anywhere in the world. Never again worry about lightning damage erasing your messages. Voice Mail keeps them safe and secure.
Voice Mail to Email – The Latest Technology!
Have you ever arrived home from work one evening to discover a phone message that you really needed to act on that day? Or arrived at an appointment only to discover that someone had left a message on your home phone that the appointment had been rescheduled? With Jefferson Telecom Voice Mail to Email service, you are in constant touch. When someone leaves you a message, an email is sent to the email address of your choice. Attached to the email is a sound file that you can listen to right over your computer speakers! You may also delete this phone message or save it using your computer.
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